June 25, 2008

Mock Draft 2

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The draft is tomorrow! We’ll finally get to see where all these young talents will show their stuff. Below, find our take at figuring out who’s going where.





Ankur’s Pick 2

Sid’s Pick 2



Low Post Scorer, Offensive go-to guy, Team Philosophy

Rose, Beasley

Derrick Rose: Vinny Del Negro is expected to play the young guns, which diminishes the need for a low-post scorer as Noah and Thomas expand their minutes. As such, they take the best player in the draft, Rose.

Derrick Rose: Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon better start looking for new homes because at least one of them is going to get traded.



PG, C, another forward for the rotation (Hmm, a lot of needs and a team that wants to make the playoffs now? Sounds ripe for a trade.)

Beasley, Mayo, Rose

Michael Beasley: The attitude concerns are overblown, and Beasley’s just a little too good to pass up. Immediate upgrade to Udonis Haslem. If they’re really sold on OJ Mayo, expect a trade down from here…

OJ Mayo: They most likely will trade down to get him, but even if they are forced to make this pick, they will go with Mayo. Listen, its easier to compensate with Udonis Haslem as a starter than Chris Quinn.



Forwards to complement Jefferson, Guard to team up with Foye; Jaric, Telfair, and Gomes have all started for this team so getting anyone who can replace those guys and a losing culture is a must.

Beasley, Brook Lopez, Bayless, Mayo, Love

OJ Mayo: Recent reports indicate the T-Wolves are moving towards OJ. The versatile guard can hopefully team with Foye to stabilize the backcourt.

Michael Beasley: Kevin McHale would love this scenario. Beasley and Al Jefferson would form a new age McHale and Parrish. If Mayo is available, I think the Wolves will go with Brook Lopez. The Mayo talk is a smokescreen.



PG who does not need to be in a platoon, SG to allow Durant to move to forward. Any position other than small forward probably is an upgrade.

Bayless, Brook Lopez, Jordan, Mayo, Westbrook

Russell Westbrook: High riser, but “Rondo with a jumper” is actually the fastest riser in the draft. Defensive ability complements KD’s scoring.

Jerryd Bayless: This pick is a lock. Bayless will make teams pay for doubling Durant for years to come. Along with Green, the Sonics have a great young foundation going for them if they all learn to focus on defense.



A young shooting guard or running center.

Jordan, Brook Lopez, Love,

Eric Gordon: Yeah, he’s the big riser in this mock. The big men aren’t too appealing, so Memphis drafts the gunner who can elevate this offense once Miller is traded.

Kevin Love: His outlet passes will help jumpstart the fast break in Memphis, and maybe finally get people into the arena seats.


New York

Defenders, rebounders, players who can play out of position and run

Brook Lopez, Randolph, Gallinari, Bayless, Alexander

Danilo Gallinari: Recent reports indicate that he will refuse to come to the US unless taken by either NY or NJ. While no one can replace Nash for D’Antoni, Gallinari comes closer to that level of offensive vision than anyone on the current Knick roster.

Joe Alexander: His offensive game just gets better and he is an eager defender. He is like Anthony Randolph in that he projects as another Shawn Marion type, but he is stronger and more coachable.


LA Clippers

Guards to complement the tandem of Brand and Kaman.

Gallinari, Gordon, Brook Lopez, Bayless, Randolph, Love

Jerryd Bayless: PG’s really the biggest need for this squad, and Bayless is a strong enough prospect to fill that gap.

Russell Westbrook: His stock isn’t rising to number four pick status, but he is getting up there. The hometown Clippers will gladly scoop him up. With Livingston possibly unable to ever play again, this is the pick you have to make.



A low post scorer who can command a double team and create space for their many shooters, defensive wingman other than Mason.

Gallinari, Brook Lopez, Love, Randolph

Joe Alexander: Scott Skiles is going to love this kid, whose athletic talent is matched only by his work ethic.  Should benefit from Skiles’ structured approach.

Eric Gordon: He’ll come off the bench and move Redd to SF. With Williams, Gordon, and Redd on the court, the Bucks are going to give opposing defenders fits from the perimeter.



A combo forward, or center who can more Okafor to PF.

Brook Lopez, Alexander, Gallinari, Arthur, Randolph, Gordon

DJ Augustin: Larry Brown apparently dislikes Felton already, so expect him to snatch the high-character replacement in DJ.  Meanwhile, the frontcourt issues go unresolved.  Have fun, Bobcat fans!

Brook Lopez: This team needs a low post prescence to free up space for Richardson and Wallace on the wings. Lopez will most likely be just what this team needs to finally make the playoffs.


New Jersey

A forward to back up Jefferson and play some PF, more big men for the rotation.

Arthur, Alexander, Gallinari, Jordan

Kevin Love: Best PF in the draft is a true offensive threat, something the current NJ crop lacks.

Danilo Gallinari: My money is on Jefferson finding a new home in the offseason. Even if he doesn’t, Gallinari becomes the first swing men off the bench. A good insurance pick for a young team in transition.



A replacement for Tinsley is a must, as is the heir to JO. Athletic players would help, but at this point the team wants high character guys.

Alexander , Gallinari, Westbrook, Arthur, Augustin, Gordon

Brook Lopez: High-character low-post player falls into their lap.  Irked as they might be at missing out on Augustin, this is a pretty good consolation prize.

DJ Augustin: Apparently the Pacers have promised to take him, so here you go. Even with the trade, Tinsley is on his way out and Ford is a health risk, meaning DJ is a good pick for the Pacers.



With Artest expected to leave they could use a good athletic forward to replace him. PF is also a need.

Alexander, Gallinari, Speights, Gordon

Anthony Randolph: Burgeoning talent could develop into a great presence.  Already has the defensive game to form a formidable tandem with Ron, and potential-laden offensive game makes him too tempting to pass on.

Anthony Randolph: With this being a young team, they can start him right away and let him learn on the job. He is a great pf of the future for this team.



Maybe another forward, but in reality they have a lot of young prospects and are better off trading the pick or stashing it in Europe. Another big man in the case Oden struggles early could help too.

Gallinari, Batum, McGee, Robin Lopez

Alexis Ajinca: Unless Pritchard finds some more draft-day magic and trades up, this is about as close to a lock as it gets.  European talent can be left abroad to blossom, making for one less contract for the Blazers to worry about.

DeAndre Jordan: Jordan at worst gives Portland a talented backup to Oden and also has the raw ability to play bigger minutes if Oden isn’t healthy enough during the season.


Golden State

If Davis leaves, they need a PG. Otherwise, they just take the best player available.

McGee, Speights, Greene, Anderson, Douglas-Roberts

Chris Douglas-Roberts: With three key reserve wings leaving, the Ws desperately need depth. CDR’s strong defense and versatile offensive game make him an easy pick here.

Marreese Speights: Al Harrington is probably on his way out. Speights shoud replace him and flourish at the pick and roll with Monte Ellis.



The bench is very depleted. They need another three-point shooter to turn to, another wingman defender, and a center who can keep Stoudemire at PF after Shaq retires.

Batum, McGee, Speights, Gordon, Jordan

Brandon Rush: Suns are looking to win now, so the big men get ignored for another year. Instead, the steady swingman and eventual replacement for Grant Hill gets tabbed.

Brandon Rush: Batum has heart problems so I think that leads the Suns to take the closest thing to a sure thing at this point in the draft. A good shooter who will hit the open shot and then rush back on defense which is all the Suns will ask him to do.



A big man to one day take the heat off of the new AI, better shooters to space the floor

McGee, Speights, Budinger, Gordon

Mario Chalmers: Trade talk has surrounded Andre Miller since he got here, and for good reason – he’s too old to be part of this youth movement. Chalmers is his eventual replacement. At the rate Mario’s stock is rising, this might be too low for him.

Roy Hibbert: This guy’s stock is all over the place, but he seems like a decent risk for the Sixers to take. He can help space the floor, score a little in the post, rebound, and block shots. Sounds like an improvement over the current center there.



With PG well taken care of, a big man would be nice to replace JO’s production. Alternatively, depth is key.

Speights, Hibbert, McGee, Greene, Ajinca

Darrell Arthur: This offensive freak should be a great complement to their frontcourt players.  A bit unpolished, but has time to blossom with this group.

Alexis Ajinca: He couldn’t get more than five minutes off the bench from his European team but is suddenly expected to produce in the NBA…still, teams love his size and shot. This workout warrior could even get picked higher than this.



This all hinges on Jamison. They have shown they can play well enough without Arenas but no such proof exists for them playing with out Jamison. Depth at big man is a definite need.

Speights, Green, Thompson

Mareese Speights: This team pretty much has to be thinking PF, so they take the best one available. Thompson is another option.

Donte Green: His stock is falling, but he won’t go lower than this. He can play sf for most teams and a little pf for this one. Has the potential to at least be a rotational player here.



A big point guard to bring the ball up while using his height to keep Daniel Gibson on the floor; a true low post threat; just an all around talent upgrade on offense.

Budinger, Green, Douglas-Roberts, Augustin

Kosta Koufos: Z’s getting old, so it’s time to think about his replacement. Koufos’ workouts have his stock rising enough to make this quite reasonable.

Kosta Koufos: This guy’s stock is rising almost as fast as Ajinca’s but I like his chances to make it in the league more. He handles contact better than most of the other centers. At some point he will contribute if tutored by Ilguaskas.



Big man is really a huge need, as is talent overall.

Green, Weaver, Thompson, Robin Lopez, Augustin

Robin Lopez: And Okafor breathes a huge sigh of relief, as he finally gets to slide to PF.  Lopez’ defensive game makes him a good fit, and blossoming offensive skill makes him that much more attractive.

Mario Chalmers: He makes plays, can defend, and is clutch. Like Ankur said, his stock is supposed to be rising, but with all the better athletes ahead of him, he’ll still finish well outside of the lottery.


New Jersey

Another swingman to back up Carter and Jefferson, and another big man depending on whom they lose in free agency.

Greene, Thompson, Robin Lopez

Donte Greene: I have the Nets taking care of their big man concerns earlier, so I’ll hand them a swingman this time around. One of the most offensively gifted players in the draft, Greene allows this squad to consider dumping either RJ or VC.

Darrell Arthur: NBA teams are starting to question his size. He is another guy who at one point was rising but has now fallen back to earth except Arthur seems to have fallen especially hard here. New Jersey isn’t a bad fit for him tho.



Better talent at guard positions, another big man to help with rebounding and shot blocking

Green, Thompson, Robin Lopez, Koufos, Chalmers, McGee

Courtney Lee: I think center is a bigger need for this squad, but they see Howard as a good fit there.  In that case, Lee’s ability to space the floor and high character make him the answer to the revolving door that is their SG position

Robin Lopez: Despite the offensive potential, I see him dropping to this late in the draft. This is a good spot for him though as he gives Dwight Howard the big man help he will need.



Kirilenko can push the team to a higher level but is wildly inconsistent, and Harpring is getting old, so the team would do itself a favor by getting a good SF. Replacement low-post defense is also a priority.

Green, Thompson, Koufos, Chalmers, Rush, Hibbert, Ibaka

DeAndre Jordan: While his motor is slightly questionable, his talent level is not.  Look for Jordan to turn things around under Jerry Sloan, and become the low-post presence this team badly needs.

Nicholas Batum: He is simply too big a risk for the early draft picks because of rumors of heart problems, but here the Jazz can take a chance with him, because his potential outweighs the risk. Could be a steal or could die on court like dad.



At this point in the draft, the team might as well swing for the fences with a big man prospect if they do in fact go for a guard earlier in the round.

Green, Thompson, Koufos, Chalmers, Ibaka

Jason Thompson: All this guy did for 4 years at Rider was produce.  At this point in the draft, it’s worthwhile for the Sonics to find out if this is their eventual replacement for Chris Wilcox.

Ryan Anderson: Seattle should keep giving Durant weapons to keep him from being doubleteamed and that’s what Jerryd Bayless and now Ryan Anderson are. Anderson has limitless range, and will help space the floor for KD and give him lanes to drive.



A big man who can keep Yao’s minutes (read: chances for injury) down. Priority on defense here, as you have to think Deke’s retiring soon.

Green,Koufos, Chalmers, Jawai

Ryan Anderson: Versatile offensive game makes him a perfect big man sub. Taller than Landry, allowing Adelman to mix things up as needed.

Serge Ibaka: Rick Adelman teams tend to be very good at getting the best out of foreign players. Ibaka will be no different. At the very least, he will keep the defense running at a high level.


San Antonio

Athletic players at the forwards who can replace Bowen, Horry, and Finley. Must get younger fast. With the news about Splitter, big man depth may be a concern, too.

Green, Chalmers, Jawai, Jefferson, Rush

JaVale McGee: This guy has too much potential for the Spurs to pass up. He’s not exactly Tiago Splitter, but landing a guy with this kind of low-post game makes that loss a little easier to swallow.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: The Spurs want to get younger fast, but they also want to win now. CDR will defend well for a rookie, and could become a sparkplug off the bench allowing the Spurs to finally start Ginobli.



Pritchard seems to be setting his sights on a particular player – why else trade back into the bottom of the draft? Whoever he is, he’s probably European.

Tomic, Ajinca, Asik, Petrovic

Ante Tomic: They’ve wanted this guy for a while. Having gotten a swingman earlier, Pritchard can sit back and enjoy another successful draft.

Ante Tomic: This pick is going to get traded to the Blazers who will use it to select him or Batum. They have liked Tomic for a while so my money is on him.



A young shooting guard, but with so many young players already, this pick might be better suited for a player expected to stay in Europe for a while.

Chalmers, Jefferson, Lee, Pekovic

Nicholas Batum: The flying frenchman is expected to take a couple years to develop and then come to the NBA. That fits Memphis’ needs and timeline perfectly.

Jason Thompson: I disagree. The Grizzlies should try and get as many warm bodies in jerseys as they can. Thompson is another guy who can thrive in the open court, and since he is just a late draft pick, why not take a chance on him?



This team actually has very few holes. Good guards, good forwards, and decent depth after lacking it for a few years. Still, that core is starting to age…

Chalmers, Lee, Pekovic,

Bill Walker: Late in the draft and with their core set, the Pistons can afford to take a flyer on a talent this strong.  Knee trouble is worrisome, but medical clearances make that a bit less of a concern.

Bill Walker: Can play either swing position, and on this team can take some time to learn the game. A little small for SF but his strength and athleticism more than make up for it. Could be next Latrell Spreewell.



They could use an upgrade at the backup 2-spot, but it will most likely come from free agency.

Chalmers, Lee, Hickson, Dorsey, Asik

Roy Hibbert: As fantastic as the C’s backups played in the playoffs, they simply lack size.  That’s one thing Hibbert has in spades, allowing him to fill a key need for this squad.

Kyle Weaver: Will bring the ball up when Rondo is on the bench. With Cassell and House gone, this is a smart pick here. Weaver’s defensive ability also gives him the edge.



  1. The Batum comment isn’t a joke by the way, the guy’s dad died while taking a free throw during his professional career. While recent reports have it being overblown, this is a serious risk for many teams to take early on.

    Comment by siddhant2001us — June 25, 2008 @ 3:33 PM

  2. This is WEAK!!! all this free agent stuff happening and there hasnt been a single article about what has happened. I hoped to come here and get a recap or something since so much has gone on. Step it up guys

    Comment by Pat Monk — July 9, 2008 @ 10:20 AM

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