January 27, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

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I think a case should be made for Tuesday being the worst day of the week. Monday, of course, sucks. Still, at least it is socially acceptable to complain about it. Plus, every now and then it becomes a holiday and you get the day off.

Anyway, in an attempt to make Tuesday more bearable for myself, I have decided to make it my day of ramblings. It becomes the day that I can take a break from writing about basketball and really jump into other sports (although I have no actual intention of foregoing talking about basketball on Tuesdays, I just feel like I need a day to include the rest of them.) Hopefully, this will make Tuesdays suck less for everyone—even the readers, although apparently my grammar sucks so maybe not. Anyway, on with the ramblings!

  • What is the real difference between today’s early parts of the regular season (like say, everything before the all star break) and exhibition games from like 30 years ago? Teams play their stars sure, but players rarely give a max effort anymore. Take the Cavs-Lakers game yesterday. What difference will this game make come playoff time? It won’t matter at all, because a couple of months these teams will be much different then yesterday and that’s a shame. One way to handle this would be to make the season longer and spread out the games. That would give teams more time to rest, practice and prepare for each game, which would lead to a higher quality of games. Just something to think about.
  • I think Shaq deserves to be an all star again. That guy is arguably the most important player on that team. I promise you that he wouldn’t get just one rebound against the Celtics like Amar’e did. Also, someone needs to tell Amar’e that the apostrophe thing is really dumb.
  • I should apologize to Mike D’Antoni. I wasn’t quite sure what he did in Phoenix at first. After all, he said he let Steve Nash call all the plays, and his teams were always poor at defense. So if he didn’t help on offense or defense, what did he do? Well, he instilled a philosophy into the minds of his players. For example, Steve Nash may have called all the plays, but he did so with the philosophy of trying to score in seven seconds or less, which D’Antoni believed (rightfully so) would catch most defense off guard. He may not have won a championship, but he did create an atmosphere in the clubhouse and locker room that relaxed his players and created quite the exciting product on the court. He is doing a great job with the Knicks.
  • Fire Don Nelson already. The guy wants to go and should go. Keeping him around just slows the rebuilding process that this team has to undergo. Actually, while we’re on it, signing Corey Maggette, resigning Stephen Jackson, and not playing your young guys also slows down your rebuilding process.
  • Greg Oden is a great center in the making, but people have to learn to give him some time. He isn’t averaging great numbers, but how many centers do their rookie year? Big men need three years to grow into their bodies and roles on an NBA court.
  • So, I got a bookie finally. I was really excited about this, because it brings me one step closer to becoming the degenerate gambler that I’ve secretly always wanted to be. Then I took all of that excitement and used it to bet on an Eagles-Ravens Superbowl…can’t win them all I guess.
  • Speaking of the Eagles. How does your defense not crush the Cardinals? They cannot run the ball, their second receiver is hurt, said receiver was distracting the guy calling the plays, the have one real option in Larry Fitzgerald, their quarterback is terrible when he has to move while your team is great at blitzing, and to top it all off, the Cardinals were letting you back into the game after getting an early lead…this is why I don’t bet on the NCAA basketball tournament…
  • Speaking of which, I really hope the Cardinals lose. They played in a bad division and still finished with just 9 wins. It almost feels like they’re winning because everyone else got beat up during the season while the Cardinals basically rested whomever they wanted down the stretch, because they knew they had the division locked up. I want the Steelers to win because I want the regular season to matter. I don’t even care that the moment that this happens, Ben Rothlesberger becomes the next Brett Favre. In fact, I think that should happen. John Madden and Peter King need someone to love, and shouldn’t get lonely just because Brett Favre should retire…something like that.
  • That being said. There is no way the Cardinals lose unless I happen to be jinxing them right now. It doesn’t have to make sense. The other three games didn’t make sense either. Logic left the building a long time ago so adjust your bets accordingly.
  • Actually, if you want a real reason that the Cardinals can win consider this. The coach of the Cardinals knows the quarterback of the Steelers like the back of his hand. The last time a coach knew the opposing quarterback’s tendencies like that, John Gruden destroyed my Oakland Raiders and Rich Gannon in the Super Bowl.
  • Joe Torre is going to make a pretty penny off of his book, and he won’t hurt his reputation either. Brian Cashman will be able to brush them off too. The only one hurt by this book is A-Rod who suffers yet another blow to his quickly diminishing image. It was one thing for him to screw up in the clutch, because then at least he was squeaky clean off the field and not a problem in the club house. Now he’s considered a joke in the clubhouse and a tabloid fixture. It has been a weird career for a guy who should go down as an all time great.
  • Speaking of baseball, I love the MLB network. Its full of awkward moments that need to be ironed out, but its also exactly what baseball fans will love: lots of baseball games, not a lot of commercials, and plenty of analysis. They even have no problem spending half an hour on the technical stuff. It’s a dream come true. It won’t last as these type of things never do, (the better it gets the less time there will be for analysis as more ad time will sell) but I’m going to enjoy it while it does.
  • Power rankings come out tomorrow as we get back to just basketball. Peace, my readers.

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