February 4, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

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• Does anyone care about the Australian Open in tennis? I’m not even sure the players care about the Australian Open. It got really hot at one point so Novak Djokovic simply retired in a match that he was winning against Andy Roddick, because he didn’t want to play in the heat. How the hell does that actually happen in a real major tournament?
• I think its time to either demote the Australian Open or promote the Italian Open. I’m pretty sure more people take that just as seriously as they do the Australian.
• Anyway, here are some thoughts about the final. First, Nadal and Federer are saving tennis right now. If it wasn’t for their rivalry we would either be talking about why Andy Roddick isn’t that good or we would be forced to wonder if Federer is on the level of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. I’m not in the mood to do either. Second, why isn’t it a bigger deal that Nadal used to play tennis in Capri pants? If Kobe Bryant or Peyton Manning tried that, they would immediately be put into Bill Simmons’s Mike Tyson zone (where a person can do anything and no longer surprise you because they are so out there.) Instead, Nadal dresses like a 15 year old high school chick and no one bats an eye lash. Do people just chalk it up as being a European thing? I just don’t understand tennis sometimes…Third and finally, I’m typing this near the end of the third set in the final between Nadal and Federer and its tied dead even right now. Personally, I’ve never really taken a side in this rivalry, but I do hope Federer goes on to win this. That’s nothing personal against Nadal; I just think it’s a better story if Federer wins and the rivalry continues. Otherwise, it just feels like Nadal will go on to win out and have a great chance at the grand slam this year mostly unchallenged.
• As a fairly hardcore Giants fan, I want my team to sign Manny Ramirez so bad. I know the economy is bad, that you would have to trade an outfielder as a result, and you have potentially signed a huge cancer, but we just dealt with Barry Bonds for over a decade! I’m pretty sure we can handle Manny Ramirez. I don’t even care if you sign him to a long term deal.
• How did Ralph Wilson make it into the Hall of Fame?
• Alright, how the hell does next year’s Super Bowl live up to the intensity of the last two years? This game was full of sloppy play and inconsistent refereeing, but you know what? It was one hell of a game.
• Kurt Warner, there is a puppy that you will never see. That puppy promise clearly cost him the super bowl. It was probably something else, but this has been a weird season…
• So what happens to the NFL now? Does it go back to being a bit more predictable? Does it get even crazier? Will teams see Arizona’s somewhat random success as reason to spend less or will they just point to that as a reason for them cutting costs when the real reason will be the economy. Either way, in three years, parity in the NFL will be gone as the teams with owners not hurt by the economy as much buy up all the players that the teams without as much money cannot afford. So what it all boils down to is: Obama must save the economy in order to save the NFL…or uh, the country;
• A lot of people have been saying this, but I think Ben Rothlesberger is going to become the next Brett Favre.
• I was under the impression that Manny Ramirez would be the first player to sign in free agency and that his price would set the market. Instead, there he is just sort of twisting in the wind…As a San Francisco Giants fan, I cannot stress how much I want him to sign with us, or at least how much I do not want him to sign with the Dodgers.
• I haven’t cursed as much as I did when I found out Andrew Bynum was hurt and out for the regular season…again. Considering he never came back last year…I don’t actually believe he will return this year. Maybe he’s a slow healer or just a lazy rehabber but at this point I believe that he will be next seen playing basketball next season.
• This injury opens the door for the Spurs and Hornets. It should open the door for Houston as well, but I doubt that team ever gets its act together. How often has the intended starting five played together?
• The Lakers of course, are not the only team with serious injuries. The Magic have lost Jameer Nelson for the season. I think the losses are similar in that I do not believe that either player is particularly essential for the team. Instead, both are guys that put their respective teams over the top. So, both of those guys are somewhat replaceable, but it will take a lot of work, and now both teams could use another guy at their position. For now, expect the Lakers to go small a lot more with players like Vladimir Radmanovic playing the spot of power forward. Meanwhile, the Magic must sign or trade for a point guard because Anthony Johnson is terrible for more than 15 minutes in a game. Even so they can have Courtney Lee and Mikeal Pietrus start, and have Hedo Turkoglu handle the ball even more and probably will be fine. Where they will miss Nelson the most is in the locker room, because he is the team captain and takes that role very seriously.
• The fans that have to be happy are in New Orleans. Chris Paul should only be out for a handful of games. They cannot get him back fast enough. I was watching their game against Portland, and honestly that team couldn’t crumble quickly enough without their big leader.
• That’s all I have for this week’s ramblings. Look for my take and a break down of both the Eastern and Western conference All Stars that should be out later this week.


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