February 11, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

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  • I’m glad Michael Phelps took a hit off of that bong; I was getting tired of reading or hearing about real issues.
  • Also, what the hell is with all the numerous arrests at the Michael Phelps? The police do know the item in question at the party is spelled B O N G and not B O M B, right?
  • So Alex Rodriguez took steroids… Who cares? If you’re so worried about the game being tainted, please by all means look at some of the people that you have already elected into the Hall of Fame. Ty Cobb actually admitted to fixing games at one point. If that isn’t enough for you, Gaylord Perry would throw his illegal spitballs. However, most people instead seem to fixate on only the last twenty or so years being tainted. I have news for you. Steroids have been around in the major leagues since the 1960s. So, for all of those people who want to toss out any and all records that may have even the slightest hint of suspicion, they should know that’s when they should start.
  • By the way, it now seems that a majority of players juiced, but also keep in mind that more pitchers juiced than batters. With that said, why wouldn’t Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez get inducted into the hall? If the majority or a large amount of players juiced, doesn’t it remain amazing that just two players will end up with as many home runs as they did and will?
  • Please, Congress, do not get involved. Go fix the economy or vote yes on the stimulus package (or don’t; what do I know?) Still, there are way more pressing matters than steroids being used 5 years ago in baseball.
  • Also for what its worth, who would have guessed five years ago that the NBA would have the best image out of all three sports right now? Baseball is battling steroid allegations and football is battling knuckleheads like Pacman Jones.
  • Speaking of football, am I the only fan of the Probowl left? Just kidding, nobody likes or watches that thing. If you want to fix it, or make it watchable, then you have to raise the incentives to win like crazy. Something around a million each to the winning team, and 10k for the losing team. I guarantee that there will be much more fierce competition if that happens.
  • Remember when Peyton Manning almost accidentally murdered Jay Cutler?
  • How depressed must Raymond Felton be? He is currently being linked to trade rumors with Jamaal Tinsley who hasn’t even played in a few years. When your own team considers you worse than the guy another team sent home because he was poisonous, it might be time to realize you’re a bust.
  • I’m among the people glad that Horse is now an All Star Event, but I think they got the participants wrong. Mayo and Durant are both good players, but Bill Simmons brings up a good point that they are too young to be comfortable trash talking on live TV. Joe Johnson is probably a decent choice normally, except I don’t think he will trash talk too much either because with he’s going to come off as a huge asshole since, like I said, Durant and Mayo won’t talk much. So the solution? Bring back the veterans. Wouldn’t it be great if the contestants were Magic, Dr. J, Bird, and Jordan? Who wouldn’t trash talk among those guys? By the way, if any of those guys competed (especially Jordan) you can bet that Kobe Bryant and a few starts would love to play against them. In any case, this competition has a lot of potential for future years plus who knows, maybe Mayo and Durant get feisty enough to make this years almost as fun.
  • Lebron James being angry that he didn’t get star treatment from the refs when he clearly fouled Granger on that last play and was given just as ticky tacky a call on the other side is dumb. Same goes for Mike Brown. There are going to be a few bad calls that decide games in the regular season—hell even the playoffs. I suggest you save your anger for those and not Lebron James not getting the respect he deserves for once. Stuff happens, move on.
  • How bizarre is the Dwayne Wade story? It involves sex parties and weed, and yet that’s no the bizarre part. The bizarre part is that no one seems to care. Michael Phelps loses his endorsements, but Wade gets to keep on touting Gatorade? I smell a double standard.
  • I’m not going to bother with a full trade review of the Adam Morrison trade. It wasn’t really a basketball move is the main reason. Vladimir Radmanovic made more money than Morrison, and his trade frees up some cash for the Lakers. The Bobcats needed to distance themselves from Adam Morrison, because Adam Morrison sucks as a player. It really is as simple as that.
  • Speaking of trades, the Suns fans have to be freaking out. Apparently, Robert Sarver, better known as the owner who doesn’t like to spend money, is handling the trades personally. Um, now expect 40 cents on the dollar for Amar’e Stoudamire.
  • Alright, I’m out for today. Peace dudes.

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