February 18, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

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  • Let’s start the ramblings off with some baseball. I still think it’s ridiculous that people like Tony Kornheiser believe that Bonds should be removed from the record books and that Hank Aaron should be given back the title of all-time home run leader. Listen, the steroid allegations against Bonds have never been proven, but what has been proven is that the home park where Bonds hit so many home runs was much harder to hit in than Aaron’s, which was built in a manner that was especially advantageous for him. As for Babe Ruth, well, I suppose his numbers should be gone too, because he not only played against only white players, but he played against only white players who lived about 50 miles away from the stadium. My point being that every player in the history of baseball has reasons for his stats being what they were. Why persecute just one?
  • Also, I think Luis Castillo should bat lead off for the Mets. I think it gives Jose Reyes more RBI opportunities. Normally, I would never chime in, but I started listening to the Max Kellerman podcast, and that’s the title of the next one for me to listen to, and I want to chime in before I get an answer.
  • The Nationals got a steal with Adam Dunn. Does he strike out a lot? Yes, he does, but he gets on base so much that it hardly matters. Plus, the guy hits homeruns like they’re going out of style, which – thanks to steroid witch hunts – they are.
  • Please tell me the Cowboys are going to cut TO. I want him on the Raiders so bad. It is a perfect fit.
  • The Niners should take a chance on Michael Vick. Shaun Hill will get exposed the more game film opposing teams they have on him, but with Vick, at the very least, they have a dynamic quarterback whose legs make him nearly impossible to game plan against. The Jets might as well take a chance on Vick too.  
  • Ray Lewis should re-sign with the Ravens. They want to pay him, and he is that franchise’s face. They need to come together and make it happen.
  • The economy has taken a turn for the worst, and it is affecting the sports we love. The Tyson Chandler deal was all about saving money for the hornets, as both the players they got have expiring deals. My guess is that the max length of a contract after this year will be shortened to four years during the next collective bargaining agreement.
  • Also, don’t the Thunder now look really good for next year? Chandler, Green, Collison, a top draft pick, Westbrook, and of course, Durant. Scary stuff for such a young team.
  • The other trade that happened was the Jermaine O’Neal for Shawn Marion deal. Honestly, I was going back and forth on this trade all week, but if I have to pick a winner it’s the Miami Heat. They’re rolling the dice with O’Neal, but Jamario Moon, whom they also picked up, is actually a poor man’s Marion. Thus, if O’Neal is healthy, then they could conceivably be a threat to Boston or Cleveland. That’s how good Wade has been this season. 
  • Tracy McGrady is out for the year…wow he really took that one missed dunk seriously…
  • Before we talk about the all star break. Let’s deal with the Terry Porter firing. The best thing that the Suns can hope for is that Gentry somehow gets Stoudamire to buy into a slower paced game. Otherwise, this firing just gives Terry Porter more free time and Suns’ fans more heart ache.
  • I loved the playing of Horse at the All Star weekend. Durant kind of killed the drama by just sinking all of those threes, but you could tell that the game had promise. Other than the fact that Durant was more about winning than just entertaining (which is kind of cool on its own), the game had its share of trick shots and fun times. I still think this would be the best way to incorporate legends or veteran players. Still, I can’t wait for next year’s.
  • A lot of people were apparently let down by the dunk contest, but to be honest, I loved it. What were people expecting? My advice is to just enjoy the show. I will say, however, that Rudy Fernandez got jobbed. Those were all nice dunks. If he had completed the second one on the first try, it would have been a 50.
  • Speaking of which, I cannot wait to see Lebron try to win it. I hope this makes a few more big name guys try their hand at the dunk contest. That being said, it’s time for Nate to hang it up.
  • Who would have guessed there would be defense at the All Star game? Blame the east. Lebron came off trying really hard. That’s commendable, but the East’s best chance to win would have been to lull the West into laziness and then to turn it on at the end.
  • Last thought about the All Star game: as a Lakers fan, I love Shaq. He was easily the main reason for those three championship rings, and I will be forever grateful. He made this an amazing All Star game. His dunk after passing it between Dwight Howard’s legs will be forever etched in my mind. It actually was really weird for me to hear him say this was probably his last All Star game. I honestly have no idea how I will handle this great player hanging it up once and for all. Secretly, I wouldn’t mind him somehow ending up back on the Lakers and having Bynum back him up for a year. Will it ever happen? I think Kobe remembers all too well how much Shaq made him a villain, so no. When Shaq retires, he may very go down in history as the last of the great centers. His personality will certainly be missed.
  • That’s all for this week’s ramblings. Check back on Friday for the updated power rankings.

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  1. It’s nice reading something not about A-rod.

    Comment by Jono — February 18, 2009 @ 1:26 AM

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