February 20, 2009

Taking a Break with some LINKS

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Man I am going to have to work a bit more on my power rankings due to all the trades and injuries as well as calibrate for mindset of team’s owners (as in who is trying to win or save money.) So, I leave you this weekend with some links to help people learn about the game and the NBA:

The first guy I will link to is Charley Rosen. He is a former CBA head coach who is good friends with Phil Jackson and almost was his assistant coach until he was jailed for punching a guy. Anyway, he is great at game and player analysis and one of my bigger influences. You can find an example of his work here!

The second link comes from Eric Musselman who also coached in the CBA but was also the head coach of both the Warriors and the Kings. He wasn’t particularly good with the Kings, but I did like how he basically transformed that Warriors roster into a competitive one. Had Gilbert Arenas stayed with that team rather than go to Washington, it would have been Musselman and not Don Nelson to finally lead the Warriors to the playoffs. He’s not a bad writer either. You can find a sample of his stuff here!

To get a look at NBA players at their most honest take a look at Elie Seckbach. I really, really hope he doesn’t take himself seriously, because the guy is crazy ridiculous, but still its nice to see him interact with NBA players from all over. I hadn’t heard of this guy untill last year, but it seems most everyone in the NBA has so uh…yeah….Here’s a link to him!

One of the great recent creations in the world of the NBA is the True Hoop Network. It gives you a closer look at the day to day stuff for each team. Here is a sample.

Then there is this very promising blog which some of you might recognize. Its time it was put up with all the others eh? Enjoy!

Thats it for the first ever edition for the links. Have a nice weekend and pray your owner doesn’t trade your star for five million dollars and a bag lunch.

PS. RIP Larry Miller, the Jazz had a very good run under his ownership. The NBA will miss him.

PPS. I should have had this with the other links but I forgot. I was going to put it in the upcoming power rankings but since there is enough to write about for the Suns, enjoy!


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