March 4, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

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  • The decision to appeal the Judge’s decision that certain evidence against Barry Bonds be inadmissible without collaboration from his former trainer stinks of desperation. This will delay the trial an additional 19 months and further add to the costs on everyone’s side. Basically, the prosecution is saying that they have nothing, and really hope something comes up in 19 months that will save them. The Feds have spent too much money in this witch hunt of Barry Bonds, and are trying not to lose face, but I really, really hope they just cut their losses now. After all, that money they are spending is tax money that in these tough economic times is hard to justify being spent here.
  • Speaking of Bonds, now that A-Rod has been revealed as a steroid user, why won’t anyone sign Bonds? He still has great eye sight and should still have decent power. If he plays 80 games for you, he’ll probably still get you 15 home runs. Plus, in these troubled economic times, Bonds is a guaranteed ticket seller.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made some very interesting off season moves. They added Derrick Ward and Kevin Winslow to their list of playmakers while keeping Antonio Bryant and Earnest Graham. This is all good and dandy except that uh they left out on huge thing: the quarterback. My two cents would have them at least bringing back Jeff Garcia if not also drafting his replacement. Otherwise, I think offering their number 1 is the least they can do in order to try and obtain Jay Cutler right now.
  • Speaking of Jay Cutler, way to piss off your franchise quarterback, Denver Broncos. In a division as volatile and mediocre as the AFC west, the Broncos had a great chance of making the playoffs next year. Trust me even with their terrible defense, all they needed were a handful of decent personnel moves and they would be getting home court in the first round. Anyway, all that was true until the franchise pissed off their only dependable offensive piece in Cutler. In a game like football where talent levels are ultimately close to equal, emotions are often what carry a team to victory. It may sound cliché, but the team that wants it more generally will win the game. Thus, the Denver Broncos better try to patch things up in a hurry or else it would be in their best interests to ship him to the Bucs for as many picks as they can weasel out of Tampa Bay.  Actually, as a fan of the Raiders, I would really prefer them to do the latter.
  • Speaking of the Bucs, they are one of a handful of teams that have gone younger in terms of head coaching age. The media is hyping it up as the NFL simply being a copycat league trying to emulate the success that the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers have had with Mike Tomlin, but I don’t buy it. The real reason that experienced coaches who have had success are out of jobs and inexperienced young guys are landing the opportunities of a life time is that it’s seen as the smart business decision. You have to pay more for experience, and, if the Steelers can win without it, then the stereotypical tight-wad owner will want to pay a lot less to get a coach that still has a chance to win it all. One of my points being that owners will simply jump onto whatever trend saves and possibly makes them the most money.
  • The other point I want to make is that experience does in fact matter in this league. The media likes to complain about teams recycling coaches, but there is in fact solid data to support teams hiring a coach who has been fired before. A second time head coach has dealt with all the first time jitters and has a system in place instead of building from scratch and with no experience to draw on. He also has most than likely learnt from his failures. The proof is in the pudding: Bill Belichek, Tony Dungy, and John Gruden are all current era coaches who won a championship while coaching their second team. That’s just something to think about for all the owners who are all to ready to save money by hiring some hotshot secondary coach or something to lead their franchise. 
  • Apparently, this is the Tuesday Ramblings where I just bitch and whine about the economy’s affect on our sports leagues. Anyway, the NBA is no different. Instead of trading for that missing piece, teams are just signing the best players that are getting cut. Boston added Stephon Marbury and Mikki Moore, Cleveland is reported to have added Joe Smith, and San Antonio is rumored to be adding Drew Gooden. Each move is one that could put each team over the top. Looking back, I’m pretty sure this is the NBA’s way of telling me that I need to stop writing trade columns to discuss the most important trades of the season. Yeah, that has to be it.
  • You know who could really use Robert Horry? Phoenix. He helps space the floor even more for Shaq on offense, and probably is still an adequate (if not good) defender on the other end. With all the other powers sans Lakers making moves to improve, the Suns cannot afford to stand pat especially since they resisted the urge to blow up their team during the trading deadline.
  • I really hope some more teams move to California, clearly four teams is not enough, because Anaheim and San Jose are likely destinations for two more NBA franchises in the next 5 years or so. By the way, one of those teams will most likely be the Hornets, which means rather than endure the futility that comes with the first couple of years of rooting for an expansion team, some lucky fan base will get to just root for Chris Paul. 6 teams…I get the feeling other states must hate California. They have 3 NFL teams (and probably a 4th to LA someday,) 5 MLB teams, and 4 (most likely soon to be 6) NBA teams. That’s like having 60 flavors of ice cream to choose from while the rest of your block combined as maybe 10 and often has to convince themselves that frozen yogurt is basically close enough (no, it isn’t by the way.) The people of Nevada may now tie weights around their ankles and jump off a cliff.
  • That’s all for now folks, hopefully I finish these Power Rankings and have them up for you to read later this week.

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